The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health AIDS Initiative (HAI) is dedicated to research and education to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa and developing countries. Since 1988, HAI has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS laboratory research, clinical trials, education, and leadership.

Since 1988, HAI has promoted research, education, and leadership to end the AIDS epidemic. As the number of AIDS cases rose disproportionately to affect Africa and other resource scarce settings, HAI has directed its efforts towards developing prevention and treatment strategies to stem the epidemic in these regions.

Training students, researchers, and health professionals is vital to HAI’s mission. Education and training opportunities at Harvard and in Africa help create a network of experts to direct the next generation of public health leaders. HAI  also partners with government agencies, NGOs, research centers, and private corporations to develop initiatives that advance the understanding and treatment of HIV/AIDS.HAI logo

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